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Moth and Rabbit

<transcy>MOTH AND RABBIT - MOOD INDIGO</transcy>

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Moth & Rabbit Mood Indigo EDP is a unisex spicy eau de parfum. Moth and Rabbit was born in 2016 between Paris and Berlin. This authentic cult brand offers fragrances inspired by iconic films, all created by the genius of Mark Buxton, Moth and Rabbit fragrances are cutting edge, even more than contemporary, they are ahead of trends. The packaging is also truly avant-garde, hard, minimal and at the same time very elegant. The 2013 film by Michel Gondry that inspires this fragrance is about the love story between a man and a woman, which is actually the embodiment of a Duke Ellington song. The love story turns into tragedy when a water lily begins to grow in the girl's lungs. And so, even the fragrance inspired by this film, from joyful and luminous becomes dark and intense. The top aromatic notes are replaced by woods and incense, in a game of olfactory references.

Top Notes: red pepper, Roman chamomile.

Heart Notes: geranium, water lily, musk.

Base Notes: incense, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli, amber.