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Moth and Rabbit

<transcy>MOTH AND RABBIT - DOLLS</transcy>

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Moth & Rabbit Dolls EDP is a unisex flowery eau de parfum. Moth and Rabbit was born in 2016 between Paris and Berlin. This authentic cult brand offers fragrances inspired by iconic films, all created by the genius of Mark Buxton, Moth and Rabbit fragrances are cutting edge, even more than contemporary, they are ahead of trends. The packaging is also truly avant-garde, hard, minimal and at the same time very elegant. Takeshi Kitano's 2002 film is about three stories of extreme love, which intersect without ever meeting. However, all stories have in common their beginning in spring and ending in winter, and so is the perfume inspired by them. An extreme and unruly feminine. Flowery notes, including the Japanese sakura (the cherry blossom) give way to warm summer notes, ending with the reproduction of the smell of snow!

Top Notes: cherry blossoms, orange blossom, davana geranium.

Heart Notes: ylang ylang, apple blossom, maple accord, rose oil.

Base Notes: amber, musk, sandalwood, snowflake note.