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<transcy>MOTH AND RABBIT - BLOW UP</transcy>

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Moth & Rabbit Blow Up EDP is a unisex woody eau de parfum. Moth and Rabbit was born in 2016 between Paris and Berlin. This authentic cult brand offers fragrances inspired by iconic films, all created by the genius of Mark Buxton. Moth and Rabbit fragrances are cutting edge, even more than contemporary, they anticipate trends. The packaging is also truly avant-garde, hard, minimal and at the same time very elegant. Michelangelo Antonioni's iconic 1966 film paints swinging London, with a refined and bewildered atmosphere. A fashion photographer, in a crisis of inspiration, believes he has photographed a crime scene, but will never understand if it is true or not. Equally psychedelic is the fragrance: a real kaleidoscope of explosive notes, apparently disparate, but which in reality unexpectedly blend into a highly calibrated jus.

Top Notes: absinthe, saffron, cardamom, cassis berries, oil painting note.

Heart Notes: cedar leaves, myrrh, cypriol, pyrogenic incense, Chinese cedar wood.

Base Notes: cistus, labdanum, poplar, owl absolute, notes of leather and wood, amber.