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Carner Barcelona


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Un profumo dalle note calde e morbide del caramello, della deliziosa fava tonka e del vetiver, fusi con l’intensità di Palo Santo, insieme ricreano una fragranza che placa l’animo. 


Note di testa: Davana Indiana, Accordo Rum CARNER BESOS
Note di Cuore: Latte caldo, Legno di Guaiaco paraguaiano, Fava tonka venezuelana
Note di Fondo: Legno di Cedro marocchino, Vetiver di Haiti, Amyris della Repubblica Dominicana


A ‘’sacred wood’’ steeped in magic and mysticism for thousands of years, releases an enchanting aromatic essence that swirls to life in a spellbinding blend that infuses earthy hints of wood and incense.




Coveted by shamans for centuries, it is believed that this spiritual wood has the power to protect and usher in good fortune. A faint misting will cleanse the mood and raise spirits, invoking the true purifying virtues of Palo Santo.

A come-hither kiss, sensual and deep that leaves you wanting more, Besos has an air of romance with a robust sprinkling of lust.

Notes of black pepper, mandarin, jasmine and vanilla mingle together for an aromatic explosion of passion. Its intoxicating mixture of spices and florals will tickle the senses and spark emotions.


Top notes


Suede Accord
Italian bergamot
Vintage jasmin absolute
Chinese osmanthus absolute
Bulgarian rose essence


Mid notes
Tobacco Accord
Clary sage absolute
Virginian cedar wood
Peru balsam
Mexican vanilla extract


Base notes
Spanish leather accord
Patchouli essence
Vetyver essence
Ethiopian frankincense extract
Oak moss absolute