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Bitossi Home

<transcy>BITOSSI HOME - Abracadabra Fruit Plate by La Tigre</transcy>

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Amazement translated into graphics. Brings it in table the graphic design studio There Tiger , directed by He knows Milani is Walter Molteni , that for Bitossi Home sign an integer service of dishes : an authentic tribute to magic . Stars multi-pointed, turning them is games optical alternating with softer graphics, but always sprinkled like stardust, they seem to say “my eyes”. The trick is there and you can see it, you don't need a magic wand, but just combine the dishes together to transform the table into something different and unexpected every time. Abracadabra is the word full of arcane force that allows you to pull out from the hat graphics of surprising joy, lively and elegant, with the ability to sometimes explode into real fireworks.